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We know just how difficult it can be to find the perfect the first apartment in Nha Trang. Property Apartment, S-Home. Has you covered with this quick and informative guide to renting your first apartment. We’re collecting all the essential information so you can be armed with information as you begin this process.


How to find suitable apartments for rent?

Currently, the fastest way to earn suitable accommodation is to search for internet information.
Please select the reputable real estate information sites, you can find a lot of information about apartment rentals you need. The next thing you need is contact to get detailed information as follows:
+ If the person you contact is the owner, you need to ask for basic information to confirm such as address, rental price, service fee incurred if any, ...
+ If the person you are contacting is a broker: Ask if there is an intermediary fee when you go to see a house.

when you come to Shome, you don't need to worry about brokerage fees because it is free for all friend. If you do not contact us, you should also carefully confirm the information and only pay brokerage fees when renting the apartment.

When going to see the house, what should be considered?

Location of the apartment: number of floors, number of windows, location of eating, lighting direction, living space is spacious and airy.
Check the electricity and water system of the apartment.
Living facilities:

+ It is suitable for you in moving and working.
+ Around the apartment there are many conveniences for you or not?
+ Is there any traffic jam at rush hour?
+ Consider rental houses with adequate facilities such as cooking places, toilets, drying areas
+ Toilet - shower is damaged / need repair.
+ The house has a parking space that does not often send a car elsewhere.
+ Does electrical equipment need repair / replacement?
+ Is there a shared toilet - shower - kitchen?

What are the precautions for an apartment lease?

 + Read the contract carefully before signing, if there is any problem, you have to agree and negotiate with the landlord immediately.
+ The contract should be clear in terms of money related such as rent, service fee, deposit, contract compensation, ...
+ The apartment rental contract must be signed by both parties and each party keeps one copy

How is the deposit in the rental agreement agreed and handled?

This is a question that any foreigner wants to know, so S-Home explains as follows:

In accordance with Article 328 of the Civil Code 2015. Deposit means that a party assigns the other party a sum of money (called a security deposit) for a period of time to secure a contract or to perform a contract.

In the lease, the deposit is the amount agreed by the two parties to ensure the performance of the Contract. The tenant can often lose the deposit when the case occurs:
+ Termination of the lease before the agreed time.
+ The contract is terminated because of the violation of the Tenant.
This deposit clause is closely related to the term of the tenancy as well as the lessee's responsibilities in the contract.
To be able to sign a lease, the tenant will have to place a deposit (usually between 1 and 2 months rent) for the landlord.

To protect your legitimate rights, you need to agree and make clear about whether the deposit will be deducted from your rent later.

When will the lessor refund the deposit to the lessee? When the lease terminates, how to handle the deposit? .....

Thus, a rent deposit is understood as a measure to secure and execute a lease.

Should rent long term or short term?

This depends on the needs and financial capacity of each person. If long-term lease:
 + From 6 months to 1 year or more, you will get cheaper rent. If you decide you want to live and work for a long time, you can hire for a long term to save more.
If short-term lease:
+ From 3 months or less, you rent the right price and get the landlord incentives for you. Or you will be denied rent even though you really like the apartment.
Please contact the broker and state your requirements.
They will find rental apartments that suit your needs and moreover they can help you negotiate prices for you.
The contract is usually one year and if it stops before the deadline it will be fined.

** Please note, for foreign guests, it is recommended to rent a condominium with a full interior, to avoid having to move in and have it repaired and equipped.

How to unilaterally terminate the lease is agreed?

This is a question where tenants or tenants are not allowed to ignore.

The unilateral termination of the tenancy contract is stipulated in Article 132, Housing Law (2014). During the term of the house lease as agreed in the contract, the lessor must not unilaterally terminate the house lease contract and recover the rental house.

The lessee has the right to unilaterally terminate the performance of the house lease contract when the lessor:
+ Do not repair the house when there is serious damage.
+ Increasing unreasonable rental price or increasing rent without informing the tenant in advance according to the agreement.
+ When the right to use a house is restricted due to the benefit of a third person.

However, the Housing Law also stipulates that the party unilaterally terminating the performance of the housing lease contract must notify the other party at least 30 days in advance, unless otherwise agreed by the parties; If violating the provisions of this Clause, causing damage, they must compensate therefor according to the agreement in the contract of the two parties.

How is rent paid?

Basically, in the tenancy contract, the agreement and agreement between the two parties show how the rent is paid, namely:
+ How much is the rent?
+ Payment method is cash or bank transfer?
+ Pay monthly, quarterly, 6 months or 1 year?
+ When is the payment time?
+ Payment in VND or foreign currency?

Apartment damaged: The tenant or landlord must fix?

Under Article 479 of the 2015 Civil Code, the lessee has the following obligations:

"1. The lessee must preserve the leased property, must maintain and repair it; if lost or damaged, they must compensate.
The lessee is not responsible for natural wear and tear due to the use of leased assets.
2. The lessee may remodel and increase the value of the leased property, if so agreed by the lessor and has the right to request the lessor to pay reasonable expenses ”.

According to the above regulations:
+ If your rented house is damaged without your fault, you have the right to ask the landlord to repair the house.
        * The landlord is obliged to repair, maintain the house and repair the damage.
        * In case the landlord deliberately does not repair or maintain the house, you can repair it yourself and inform the landlord and ask the landlord to pay the repair cost. In this case, you can also terminate the lease and ask the landlord to compensate for damage caused by the damaged home.

+ If the house is damaged by your fault, you are responsible for repairing and compensating for damage caused by the damaged house. Not responsible for natural wear and tear due to the use of rented houses.

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