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The reason condotel Nha Trang attracts investment cash flow

Investment risks
The fever of the land price used to sweep through many localities, especially where there are advantages in tourism and is included in the planning of economic zones such as Phu Quoc, Van Don and Bac Van Phong ... making many investors lost money unfairly.
In Khanh Hoa, it is considered as a "tourist paradise" with a development prospect when attracting hundreds of resort projects of up to several tens of hectares and thousands of billion VND of many big names. last time. Many domestic and foreign investors also expect to drop money in many real estate segments here. However, some of them are more or less unable to avoid risks when the project is behind schedule.

Redirect investment
According to real estate experts, in order to avoid the risk of capital inflows, there will be differentiation and gradual shift to existing products, easy to control and easy to recover capital.
"Investing in the resort apartment segment is an appropriate choice at this time thanks to many factors such as reasonable investment rates, stable profits, synchronous and developed infrastructure ...", an investor said.
The condotel in the market is priced at less than 2 billion dong - the price is quite reasonable to invest in comparison with the land, high-class apartments, adjacent ... Besides, most resort apartments are applied using a method of commitment to profit from 8-12% per year, stable and higher than bank interest rates.

Recently, Marina Hotel .JSC pioneered a commitment to buy apartments of secondary investors after 5 years with an increase of 8% compared to the selling price at a 2,000-room resort complex of Swisstouches La Luna Resort .

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According to analysis of Marina Hotel .JSC representative, in terms of profit factors, land or other segments subject to the regulation of the real estate market, while condotel completely depends on the development of tourism in the area. area.
In addition to the 5-star facilities and services of the inner city, Swisstouches La Luna Resort project is also located in the area with modern infrastructure synchronous planning, the future will become the busy resort center of Nha Trang.

The investor said, investing in Swisstouches La Luna Resort, the capital flow will go into profitability 9% a year right after the investor pays 95% of the apartment value. The apartments are fully furnished with 5-star interiors and integrated RCU smart technology ...

One of the driving forces to attract strong investment cash flow into resort apartments instead of other segments is the guarantee of profit from the bank. Understanding the concern of some risks when resort real estate investment is likely to encounter, Swisstouches La Luna Resort project has BIDV and Eximbank to guarantee a minimum profit of 9% within 5 year. This is difficult to see in the land plot segment in the market.

"With the rate of return along with the safety and effective policies from the investor, just doing a few simple calculations is easy to see that secondary investors can recover capital after 7- 10 years ", Marina Hotel representative. JSC said

After that time, resort owners continue to receive regular income from the hotel apartments they own. This is considered an advantage to the resort apartment segment in Nha Trang in the past time to attract money from domestic and foreign investors.

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